Energy Committee
  • Peter LaBelle - 226-7250
  • Cheryl Leiner - 226-7820
  • Karen Wilson
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Mary Ormrod

Energy Committee meets monthly on 2nd Wednesday at Noon in Town Office Meeting Room. Please stop by!


CCCA has long encouraged Cavendish residents to engage in energy conservation measures and to be pro-active in using alternative energy sources.  We support and assist the town through our Energy Committee.  Originally known as the CCCA Sustainability Committee, we began by helping to publicize events such as the Button-Up program sponsored by the town, and by helping to present a variety of programs during “Energy Week” and later “Energy Days”.

In 2009 and 2010 the CCCA Sustainability Committee helped the town Energy Coordinator to apply for an Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant to weatherize and update the town office and the town garage.  The grant covered new windows, sprayed on foam insulation, upgraded lighting, a new furnace and an energy audit.  In all, the town received and spent $50,000 for this effort

. In 2010 the town select board accepted the offer of the Sustainability Committee to assist the board as the Cavendish Town Energy Committee and that committee is now engaged in a multitude of projects.

   Property Assessed Clean Energy (P.A.C.E.) is a program under which homeowners can borrow    money for weatherization improvements and repay the loan from the energy savings they receive.

 Weatherization in many forms, and upgraded appliances for electric and oil conservation constitute a separate program.  There are both financial assistance and rebates through Efficiency Vermont.   

New, energy efficient LED streetlights for Cavendish village are coming soon and will save up to 26% on the annual street lighting bill.  

Solar generated electricity from photovoltaic panels will soon power Cavendish’s town operations.  The solar array is currently in planning to turn unused, town owned land productive.  And it will soon save the town real money.

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  The committee is always looking for new members with fresh ideas and a willingness to pitch in.  Contact Peter LaBelle at 226-7250 if you are interested.


Cavendish Energy Committee

2016 Annual report


     The Cavendish Energy Committee strives to minimize the town’s carbon footprint in a manner that has a positive fiscal impact on Cavendish’s citizens and residents.  We believe that energy independence begins at home, and we endeavor to assist residents to make fiscally responsible decisions in a manner that takes into account the welfare of the larger community.  The committee is part of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association’s Sustainability Committee and actively works with the Select Board appointed town Energy Coordinator on projects and issues beneficial to the town.  The committee also formulates and administers energy and conservation educational programs, reaches out to those interested in energy and energy conservation issues, forms alliances and partnerships to benefit Cavendish, and identifies and investigates activities that might affect Cavendish energy policies or issues.

     In the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016 the committee was involved in several projects that affected Cavendish citizens.  Two workshops were held, on composting and on weatherization.  The state’s mandatory recycling law requires landfills to stop taking compostable materials beginning in 2017.  Composting is not just encouraged it is required.  Therefore the committee held a composting workshop with a solid waste management district representative and a master composter to explain how residents can best comply with the law.  Weatherizing homes is by far the most effective way to save energy and to save money on utility bills.  A program to encourage weatherization of older homes called Zero Energy Now began last fiscal year and the committee introduced it to residents in a workshop run by licensed contractors.

     In the previous year Cavendish’s town solar array went on line and during the year ended June 30, 2016 it completed its first full year of producing electricity.  The committee used the first eighteen months of production to analyze how well the power was distributed among the various town departments.  GMP requires the user to dictate how the power is distributed, but there are limitations.  The committee adjusted distribution, closely tracked performance, and helped set up a proper bookkeeping system for the new utility.

     During the summer and fall of 2015 the energy committee members actively pursued the Solarize program that was coordinated by Vital Communities, a Vermont non-profit.  The program goal was to double the number of houses in Cavendish using solar panels to produce electricity.  Participants worked with preselected professional installers and ultimately Cavendish met its goal.  For purposes of Solarize Cavendish partnered with the Windsor, Reading and Weathersfield energy committees.  The partnership was so successful; the members continued the relationship to share and trade best practices and ongoing project ideas.  This partnership is now being formalized.

     If you have particular energy saving questions or ideas, please pass them along to a committee member. If you have an interest in energy related issues and are willing to help, please contact Peter LaBelle at 802-226-7250 or Mary Ormrod at 802-226-7783.  We can always use more ideas and more members.  

Energy Committee Members:  Richard Svec, Town Energy Coordinator; Peter LaBelle, Committee Chair; Cheryl Leiner; Karen Wilson; Dan Sullivan; Mary Ormrod.