The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association recognizes the fragility of our ecosystem.  We acknowledge that Cavendish residents play a significant role in sustaining that ecosystem and that we can all do more to help.  Our focus can best be described as a two pronged approach to sustainability that encompasses the conservation of land and natural resources and the sustainability of our modern lifestyle within a smaller ecological footprint.

Our Conservation Committee organizes educational presentations for the community regarding our natural world and current information on environmental issues called the Walk and Talk series. These events might be power-point presentations and discussions that happen inside or they might take us into the woods and wetlands or fields of the greater Cavendish area. The Committee also endeavors to preserve land that is considered important to our township, safeguarding wildlife corridors, river corridors, prime agricultural land and our forests. At times we work with the Town of Cavendish, the Upper Valley Land Trust and other organizations as we work to fulfill our mission.

Our Energy Committee similarly works with the town and reports regularly to the Cavendish Select Board on such things as weatherization issues, alternative energy possibilities and ways that residents can benefit from State and Federal energy programs.  Our main focus is on reducing the energy footprint of the town – both in the town buildings and in the general residential housing stock.