Past Events - Summer Concert Series

Last of our summer concert series &

the Voodoo Alien Blues Band did the trick!

Local faves Gypsy Reel did it again! Thanks folks. And thanks to Black River Produce for the sponsorship of this show!

For over twenty years they have been acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Gypsy Reel, in their own words, is not a rock band that Celts, but a Celt band that rocks. They play high energy, stirring music rooted in the Celtic tradition but garnered from the whole world.

In the third of our five 'Concerts on the Green', Rick Redington blew us all away tonight with his kicking virtuoso guitar playing & his backing band, The Luv.

it was a lovely night. Please click here to learn more about Rick!

The second of our "Concerts In The Green" featured 'Union Street'. I'd say it was the 'coolest' 3 hour period we've had around here (in more ways than one) & the event was very well attended, as you can see.

Pics below, Mark & the band did a wonderful job and their new singer: fantastic!

Also kudos to the "new" keyboards player...LOL.

For more information on Union Street & to book them, click here.

The Chris Kleeman concert on Thursday (rain date, remember?) the 14th was wonderful! Anyone remember 'Key to the Highway' (pull out your Derek & The Dominos album)? Well, Chris killed it & he & his backing band did everything right! It was a lovely evening of music & socializing! Thanks so much Chris. Click here for Chris's website!