2018 Photos
by Jim Fisher
"Butterfly Concerto"
by Hans Schragg
"Twenty Mile Encampment"
by Belle McKnight
"The Old Barn"
by Kristen Durkin
Community Calendar

2018 Calendar is Here!
"Beauty of Winter"  by Winston Churchill 

Winners of the 2018 Calendar Contest

The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association’s 2018 Cavendish calendar is now on sale, just in time for the holidays. Each year CCCA solicits photos in the spring for the following year’s calendar. Photos have to be taken within Cavendish, including Proctorsville, by Cavendish residents, including second homeowners. Subjects can include anything that reflects life in this rural Vermont community.

CCCA selected the pictures from their annual calendar photography contest in which entrants submit photos during the spring.

The winners and their winning photos that grace each month in 2018 are:

January, Sunrise by Winston Churchill 

February, Dinner by Tim O’Donoghue 

March, Fox and Hound by Richard Manders

April, New Beginnings by Pete Ramsdell 

May, Vacancy by Jim Fisher 

June, Butterfly Concerto by Hans Schrag 

July, Twenty Mile Encampment by Belle McKnight 

August, The Old Barn by Kristen Durkin

September, Vineyard at Brook Farm by Dan Sullivan 

October, Angel Hair by Svetlana Phillips

November, Fading Light in Birch Trees, by Ellen Beatty 

December, Iron and Ice by Pat Moore.

The next contest will be starting soon, so start taking your photos for the next calendar.

Calendars are on sale now at Crow’s Bakery on Depot Street in Proctorsville, at the Village Clipper on Main Street in Proctorsville, and at Singleton’s Market in Proctorsville. For additional information on the contest or any other aspect of the Cavendish calendars, please call Cheryl Leiner at (802) 226-7820.

CCCA has decided NOT to do a 2019 Calendar. Please save those special pictures and keep your eye out for future amazing community shots! We will be taking a break this year, and will resume the Contest in 2020.